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Set in 1940, Little Ships is about a West Country family at the start of World War II.

The father who was brought up in England, is of mixed Irish and French parentage and joins the French army. He is part of the 1st Army that for a short time holds Lille enabling the British army to retreat to Dunkirk.


The four children of the family, who have spent all their lives in, on and under the sea, join with some friends and together they set out in their small boats to rescue their father and bring him home


Little Ships is about our history, it's an adventure and about growing up, facing challenges, and taking risks, and about family love and fidelity. It is suitable for the whole family, except maybe very little ones.

Little Ships was written and composed by Danny McAvoy, whose company Unity Musicals/Purrple Cat CIC aims to bring new and original musical theatre stories to engage and immerse audiences


During 2020/21, our serialised radio version of Little Ships was broadcast by radio stations in the UK and elsewhere to over 250,000 listeners for each of the five episodes.

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